Baek A Yeon Profile

Baek A Yeon Profile

Company: JYP Entertainment (2012-2019), Eden Entertainment (2019-Present)
Years Active: 2012-Present
Debut: September 16, 2012
Birth Name: Baek Ah Yeon
Stage Name: Baek A Yeon
Birthday: March 11, 1993
Performance: Vocalist
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @ayeoniiiiii
-She is from Seongnam, South Korea
-She participated on Kpop Star and placed 3rd


 2012: “Sad Song”
2013: “A Good Boy”
2015: “Shouldn’t Have” (ft. DAY6’s Young K)
2016: “So So”, “Just Because” (ft. GOT7’s JB)
2017: “Sweet Lies” (ft. The Barberettes), “The Little Match Girl” (with Red Velvet’s Wendy)
2018: “Sorry to Myself”
​2020: “Looking For Love”, “I Need You”

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