DEAN Profile

DEAN Profile

​​Company: Universal Music Korea (2016-Present)
Years Active: 2016-Present
​Debut: March 24, 2016
DEAN Profile
Birth Name: Kwon Hyuk
Stage Name: DEAN
Birthday: November 10, 1992
Performance: Vocalist
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @deantrbl
-He is from Seoul, South Korea
-Pre-debut he wrote songs for EXO and VIXX


2015: “I\’m Not Sorry” (ft. Eric Bellinger), “Put My Hands On You” (ft. Anderson .Paak), “I Love It” (ft. Dok2), “Pour Up (ft. Block B\’s Zico)
​2016: “What 2 Do” (ft. Crush & Jeff Bernat), “Bonnie & Clyde”, “D (Half Moon)” (ft. Gaeko)
​2017: “Come Over” (ft. Baek Yerin), “love” (ft. Syd)
2018: “instagram”
2019: “Dayfly” (ft. Sulli & ​Rad Museum), “Sometimes I hear Howlin in my head”

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