IU Profile

IU Profile

Company: Kakao M (2008-2012; 2018-2020), FAVE Entertainment (2012-2018), EDAM Entertainment (2020-Present)
Years Active: 2008-Present
Debut: September 18, 2008
​Fan Name: Uaena
​Fan Color: Neon Green
IU Profile
Birth Name: Lee Ji Eun
Stage Name: IU
Birthday: May 16, 1993
Performance: Vocalist, Dancer
​Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @dlwlrma
-She is from Seoul, South Korea
-She is friends with Suzy, T-ARA\’s Jiyeon, Yoo In Na, and A Pink\’s Eunji
-She was one of f(x)\’s Sulli\’s closest friends


2008: “Lost Child”
2009: “Boo”, “Hey”, “Marshmellow”
2010: “Good Day”
2011: “Only I Didn\’t Know”, “You And I”
2012: “Last Fantasy”
2013: “The Red Shoes”, “Friday” (ft. Jang Yi Jeong)
2014: “My Old Story”
2015: “Twenty-Three”
2017: “Through The Night”, “Palette” (ft. BIGBANG\’s G-DRAGON), “Ending Scene”, “Last Night Story”
2018: “BBIBBI”
2019: “Above The Time”, “Blueming”
2020: “Eight” (ft. BTS\’ Suga), “Into The I-LAND”

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